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Modern Education that makes the difference

Modern Education

At Delight Technical college we give you the best and modern way of learning eg online classes, flexible classes, one on one teaching with your level of implemetation.

Qaulified Tutors

We have the most qualified teachers in all field of our services. Thus guarantying the best teaching and also assessment of skills

Innovative Center

At delight center, We have the best learning environment that promote creative and innovation approach to Fashion and Tech.

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Delight Technical College has a rich heritage of quality education spanning over 8 years. At Delight we have focused on courses that are accredited with reputable bodies and give you high employability globally. From photography to trendy fashion design whatever your background you will find your fit that aligns with your career goals.

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    Learn to Unleash Endless Educational Opportunities for Our KIDS

    Education with an Impact to Our Kids

    Our teaching methods are child-driven, skill-based, and are focused on the overall development of each child.  We provide a safe, healthy, and encouraging learning environment that prepares our children for the global demands of tomorrow.

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    Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain ans soul

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    AFW (1)
    African Fashion Week
    8:00 am - 11:00 pm
    Delight Technical College. Muindi Mbingu Street, Opposite Jevanjee Gardens entry, Central Nairobi

    Africa Fashion Week is a multi-day vibrant celebration of Africa’s past, present, and future, woven into the very fabric of every ensemble. Showcasing a...

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    12:00 am - 12:00 am

    Become a certified professional in the most exciting

    careers of today and tomorrow



    Title: “Fashioning a Sustainable Future: Embracing Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices” Introduction: In a world increasingly aware...

    Delight Fashion School’s Epic Cosplay Fashion Show 2023

    On March 17, 2023, Delight Fashion School transformed into a realm of fantasy and creativity...

    A Spectacular Celebration of Culture at Delight Fashion School’s Cultural Day 2023

    Introduction: Delight Fashion School, a hub of creativity and innovation, recently hosted a dazzling Cultural...

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    Join One of Our Most exciting Culture week events

    African Fashion Week

    Africa Fashion Week is a multi-day vibrant celebration of Africa’s past, present, and future, woven into the very
    fabric of every ensemble. Showcasing a mosaic of cultures, traditions, and trends, this event pays homage to Africa’s unique position as a cradle of creativity and innovation and stands as a testament to Africa’s role in shaping the global fashion landscape.
    Date: Monday 3th to 9th December
    Location: Nairobi, Africa

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