Delight Technical College offers a diverse array of faculties, including:

  1. School of Tailoring & Fashion Design: Explore the artistry and techniques of tailoring and fashion design in a dynamic learning environment. Students delve into pattern-making, garment construction, and trend analysis to cultivate their creative vision and technical skills in the fashion industry.

  2. School of Creative Arts & Media: Unleash your creativity and passion for artistic expression through our comprehensive programs. From graphic design and digital media to traditional fine arts, students are empowered to harness their talents and explore various mediums to communicate ideas and inspire audiences.

  3. School of Modeling & Etiquette: Embark on a journey of self-confidence and poise as you refine your modeling skills and cultivate proper etiquette. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses runway techniques, photo posing, and social etiquette, empowering students to exude grace and professionalism in the world of modeling and beyond.


Our Faculties

School of Tailoring & Fashion Design.

School of Creative Arts and Media.

School of Modelling and Etiquette.


Faculty Development & Facilities.

Learn more about the range of facilities available in each of our faculties.


Design Studios:
Equipped with cutting-edge software and hardware, our design studios provide students with the tools to bring their creative visions to life. From sketching to digital rendering, students have access to industry-standard equipment.

Textile Lab: Explore a variety of fabrics and materials in our state-of-the-art textile laboratory. From experimenting with textures to understanding fabric properties, students gain hands-on experience with a wide range of textiles.

Garment Construction Workshops: Our workshops feature modern sewing machines, pattern-making tools, and industrial equipment, allowing students to master the art of garment construction under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Digital Media Center:
Our digital media center boasts the latest software and hardware for graphic design, video production, and digital animation. Students have access to professional-grade editing suites and digital art tools to unleash their creativity.

Fine Arts Studios: From painting to sculpture, our fine arts studios provide a vibrant space for students to explore traditional artistic mediums. With ample natural light and spacious work areas, students can immerse themselves in the creative process.

Photography Lab: Capture the world through a lens in our photography lab, equipped with high-quality cameras, lighting equipment, and darkroom facilities. Whether exploring traditional film or digital photography, students have the resources to develop their technical skills and artistic vision.
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Runway Training Center:
Step into the spotlight in our runway training center, complete with mirrored walls and professional-grade catwalks. Students receive personalized coaching on posture, gait, and stage presence to master the art of runway modeling.

Photo Studio: Strike a pose in our fully equipped photo studio, featuring professional lighting setups and backdrop options. From fashion shoots to portfolio development, students learn the essentials of posing and expression in front of the camera.

Etiquette Salon: Cultivate grace and professionalism in our etiquette salon, where students refine their social skills and polish their personal presentation. From dining etiquette to professional conduct, students gain the confidence to navigate any social setting with ease.